Our superhero admin person (SAP) took some books over to the office with the book scanner this morning.  This is fantastic because once all of these Mayor’s Orders and Commissioner’s Orders are scanned (and I’ve cataloged them all in my favorite massive spreadsheet), we can send them out to the agencies for the next part of the review/organization/overhaul project.

But this morning I had a dentist appointment (I LOVE going to the dentist. Seriously. I even like the you-must-floss lecture that I get. I’ve been to three different dentists in DC, though, and today’s was the first I liked. I liked him as soon as I walked into his office.  Much better than my previous dentist, whose office I am convinced is a front for something.) so I was late, and SAP took books without my guidance. Fine.

But get this.

The books are in chronological order, 1954-1994ish.  SAP could take from the beginning, or the end, either one.  Well, he DID take from the end. Kind of. He just didn’t take consecutive volumes.


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