How to confuse me

DC Government agency names:

1. There is currently a District Department of the Environment.  It does what you might think: green stuff, energy stuff.  In 1979 there was a Department of Environmental Services.  I think it did sanitation stuff (now the Department of Public Works).  Okay, I can handle this.  But then there is this:

2. The Department of Human Services used to be called the Department of Human Resources.  There is now a Department of Human Resources that used to be called the Office of Personnel.

3. At various times, including at the same time, there has been: the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, the Assistant City Administrator for Economic Development, Deputy City Administrator for Business and Economic Development, Office of Planning and Economic Development, the Office of Business and Economic Development, Department of Economic Development, Mayor’s Committee on Economic Development, the Economic Development Committee, Commission for Cooperative Economic Development, Economic Development Commission, the Overall Economic Development Advisory Committee…

And to make matters worse:

4. One of those various Departments of Economic Development became the forerunner of the current Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

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