Crafting updates

I finished knitting a scarf tonight.  This leaves three hats still unfinished, but the scarf took only three days (and about a half hour tonight) and now I have 1. a scarf to match the first hat I knit, and 2. one fewer unfinished skeins of acrylic.

The plan for the next two weeks is to focus on three projects: a quilt (for which I have cut out a grand total of three squares, and am procrastinating by writing this), another scarf, and two necklaces. Al Christmas presents for my foster daughter.  I started the necklaces earlier, but when my foster daughter called to say she was on her way home, I figured I needed to put the beading things away.

When she got home she was pretty peeved (the grown-ups in her life–me and her attorney–had colluded to ruin her fun tonight) and went straight to bed, so I think I’m good to work on the quilt.

Still on the needles are a sweater, a dress, and a new pair of socks (commuter knitting when the next scarf is done), but those will just have to wait, I suppose!


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