Breaking from blogging

Trying to, at least.

And not for long!  It’s the 30th today, the new year starts on Saturday, and my overly ambitious self intends to start the new year off with a fresh approach to the blog.  So I need the next few days to draft some posts.  (I’ve heard that there are people out there who actually PLAN their posts.  And proofread, and everything.  Craziness.)

So my to-do list for this evening, tomorrow, and Saturday night is the following:

  • Buy tape. I still have some presents to wrap.
  • Wash dishes.  Clean the stove.  Wash the kitchen floor. Dump the 2-week-old milk.
  • Pin the quilt together.  There’s no way it’s getting quilted and binded by Sunday.  That was just a pipe dream.
  • Clean the living room.  This morning I stepped over four circular needles, my laptop’s mouse, and a pair of dirty socks in my trek to the kitchen to make a sandwich.
  • Empty the trash in the second bathroom.
  • Empty the trash in my bathroom.
  • Do laundry.
  • Make some Family Trees.  This’ll make sense in a while when I blog about them.
  • And draft some blog posts.

It’s an ambitious plan, so I’ll see you on the other side!

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