Happy New Year!

I don’t normally do the new year thing, I prefer to do it at the Jewish new year, but the Jewish calendar isn’t so kind as to offer a three day weekend to ring in the new year.  And the three day weekend is good for catching up and therefore getting (in an ideal world) a fresh start.

I’m a “blurt it out” kind of girl.  I have a thought and I want to share it. Right then.  Perhaps it is from being the youngest in my family? Or maybe it’s just a character flaw.

Either way, I have tended to use my blog as a place to share. Everything! Right now!

No more.  No more? Really?  This probably won’t last.

But for as long as it does, I have a plan.  It involves drafting posts (right when they occur to me!) and publishing them in a coherent–and alliterative–manner: sewing on Sundays, tchotchkes on Tuesdays (and I cannot believe that the wordpress spellcheck doesn’t think that “tchotchkes” is a word, I’m terribly offended), woolens on Wednesdays, food on Fridays.  You get the picture.

Along the way, there will be (*cough*may be*cough*) other things that come to me.  I don’t think the blog will become organized overnight.  (Maybe the blog fairy will come while I’m asleep if I leave my computer under my pillow?)  I’d love to hear any ideas you may have for getting the blog-as-metaphor-for-my-life in order.

And may 2011 be a year of learning, of growth, and of all manner of good.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. J says:

    Hope 2011 is all that you are hoping for and so much more

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