Off-Topic for Tuesday: Stairs

Not my real post for today.  That’s written and re-read (note: not proofread. Just re-read since I wrote it) and scheduled to post at 6 this evening.  I think.  I mean, the time is what I think.  It’s definitely scheduled for sometime today.  Anyone know where in wordpress I go to change the time settings to my time zone?

The point of these scheduled posts, of course, is to work on my blurt-it-out tendencies.  But I just HAVE TO complain about something in particular.

It’s the new year, and lots of people have made grand resolutions to Exercise! Diet! Get fit! Swear off cookies and ice cream! I haven’t. I’m trying (and am one work day in) to cut out soda on work days. No biggie.  Yet.  But even more I decided that it makes sense to stop taking the elevator at work and start taking the stairs instead.

To that end, I took the stairs down yesterday after work to find where in the maze of the ground floor of the building the correct staircase is.  (Six staircases, only one allows entry to the office floors.)

This morning I went straight to the staircase.  The door is locked.  Once you get IN to the staircase, you can get out on any floor.  But getting into the staircase is a different story entirely.

Apparently the other five staircases are unlocked, not that you can get anywhere once you’re in the stairwell.

Which isn’t 100% true. One of my coworkers thinks that one of the other staircases allows you to get out on the cellar level (yes, my building’s floors are C, G, and 2-10), from which you can then enter the the correct staircase and go up an extra floor.

To quote my foster daughter, who this morning emphatically stated her refusal to get a student metro pass because it involves standing in line, “that’s too much; I ain’t doin’ that.”

Elevator it will be.

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