Tchotchke Tuesday

Last week, I mentioned “Family Trees.” I got the idea (credit where credit is due) from a blog I read a while ago.  You should now go watch a movie while I try to find it again.  You know I’m going to get distracted by all the other cool projects I find.  Go, have fun, come back in a couple of hours…






Okay, found it.  Here.  I used canvases from one of those big box craft stores, and didn’t use burlap.  The latter difference being because I didn’t realize before I made my first one that I could get burlap at the fabric store.  Hey, I’ve only recently jumped on the crafting bandwagon.

The first tree I made used my first foster daughter’s hand (age 5) and the fabrics she and I picked out together to decorate her bedroom.

(Bad picture as usual.  Maybe one day I’ll learn how to take a better picture.  Maybe not.)

This foster daughter is no longer with me, but (as soon as I get my butt in gear to hang this) I have a memory of her right as soon as I walk in my apartment.

Next I made one using my own hand and arm, and the fabrics that I had chosen to pull together my disparate red and blue decors:

And for my current foster daughter (age 17), I made Best Friends Trees.  I’ll make one for my wall soon, but for a New Year’s present, did the following:

The hand on the left is my foster daughter’s, with leaves made of the fabrics I chose to make her quilt out of. The hand on the right is her best friend’s, with leave made of fabrics in what she told me her favorite color is.  Tracing an 18 year old’s hand for “an art project” and not telling her what it is? A little awkward.

Want to make these for gifts? How about for your favorite couple on their anniversary? Or a whole forest for a family finalizing an adoption? Or to track the growth of a child from year to year?

The possibilities are as endless as your love for your family and friends.

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3 Responses to Tchotchke Tuesday

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    this is a saver! I loved it.

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! This one is even better if you (like me) enjoy getting yourself covered in glue-like products. It brings back memories of elementary school “manicures” with glue. Fun!

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