Wednesday (is for) Woolens!

In keeping with the new themes that I hope to keep up with, today is the first “Wednesday Woolens,” a day devoted to the knitting in my life.

Today’s projects are not wool (I was using up some acrylic that I bought long before I had heard of a “local yarn store”–don’t blame me, I grew up in suburbia, land of the big box store) but completed and photographed, so ready to be featured.

The only holiday knitting I did this year was a winter set for my current foster daughter: hat, scarf, and fingerless mitts.  It was supposed to be just a scarf.  But somewhere in the middle of the scarf, my plans got a little out of control like a runaway train.  She doesn’t wear the poorly made but expensive gloves I bought her because she can’t text while she wears them? Okay, I should make fingerless mitts to match the scarf!  And once I’ve done that, I should make a hat, too!  And I’m going to do this all in two weeks! And make a quilt at the same time! Yes!

I may be crazy, but at least the knit stuff got done.

The scarf is a basic garter stitch scarf, knit lengthwise (200+ stitches, worsted weight yarn, size 9 needles), with each row a new piece of yarn, with the ends creating a fringe.  I knotted every two ends together as I went so as to prevent unraveling.  This was a hateful project and I don’t expect to knit a similar scarf ever again, but don’t let my distaste for it stop you!

Credit where credit is due: If only I remembered.  At a knitting group over a year ago, someone mentioned a project of using yarn leftovers to knit a lengthwise scarf with the ends as fringe… I couldn’t tell you who it was if my life depended on it.  Dear inspirer, please forgive me.


The mitts are very basic, worsted weight yarn, size 6 needles, knit in the round to the hole for the thumb, knit back and forth to create the thumbhole, then rejoined and knit in the round to the bind off.

Credit where credit is due: I made up the pattern, but based my needle size choice and number of stitches from some free patterns on Ravelry.  (I’d give better credit, but truly all I took was the number of stitches, and then changed that when the mitts were going to be too big.)


Sorry for the blurry. It turns out that I use both of my hands to hold my camera steady when I take pictures.  Can’t so much do that when taking a picture of one of my hands.

And the hat.  One of these days I will actually pay attention to gauge when knitting a hat.  Today is not that day.  The hat is huge.  Monstrously huge.  But I figure that means it won’t smush her hair down, and that’s a good thing, right?  I followed the pattern pretty much exactly, but I think I was supposed to have a tighter gauge or something.  All the blame for the hugeness lays with me.

Credit where credit is due: This pattern is from Petulant Feminine, who doesn’t seem to be blogging anymore; I found the pattern using Ravelry’s advanced search function.


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