A Case of the Shoulds

An off-theme post for the evening.  Although I like the idea of regular posting with themes to keep things cohesive and flowing (kind of like metamucil), there’s gotta be just a little bit of my blurt-it-out-ness, right?  Like ice cream for the blog.

I got home from knitting this evening and went straight for the jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table.  This puzzle is ridiculous.  Crazy shaped pieces.  Non-interlocking pieces.  Seven different shades of red, pink, orange, and in between that didn’t really get along with the glare from the light over the table.  Non-edge pieces with just shy of straight sides.  (And a few missing pieces.  My sister’s fault? My nephew’s? Duncan or Priscilla’s? The last two being the cats who own my sister’s house.)

But while I was vanquishing the puzzle, I got a case of the Shoulds.

I’m FOUR. ROWS. from finishing the sleeves of the cardigan I’m knitting.  (Don’t be too excited. Unlike normal people who knit the fronts before the sleeves, I skipped the fronts.  A lace problem and insufficient yarn.  Both problems addressed by a contrasting color and I’m all set to start on the now-lace-free fronts. As soon as I finish the four rows left on the sleeves.)

I’ve still got most of the quilting to do on the quilt for my foster daughter.

The owner of one of my local yarn stores* is due to have her baby in about five weeks and I haven’t started making her present!  Another quilt.  What am I thinking?  Oy.

And on top of all that, my sink is full of dirty dishes. How does this happen? My kitchen was CLEAN at 9 this morning.  We didn’t even have lunch here.  Or dinner.  It’s like the dirty dishes gremlin came and just found a way to annoy me.

But just like the puzzle, I vanquished the Shoulds.

I’ll probably regret it in the morning.

*I’m not being more specific just in case she has a google alert or pingbacks for the store blog.  She doesn’t know about this blog–I think–and I need to keep the present a surprise!

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