Marketplace Mondays: Shopping my apartment

I have a problem.  (Cue “My name is ___, and I’m an alcoholic.” Or drug addict. Or overeater.  Or, um, big-box craft store shopped?)

I go to the craft store to buy one or two things.  Say, cheap cotton yarn to make dishcloths.  But the yarn is in the back of the store.  I’m sure that the store planners do this on purpose.

On the way to the yarn, I pass the beads.  Pretty, pretty beads.  In lots of colors, but especially purple! and green! and dark red! (No, those aren’t my favorite colors, whatever in the world gave you that idea?)  Wouldn’t it be fun to use these to make stitch markers? Earrings? Necklaces? Matching earrings and necklace?

Into my basket the beads go.  And a random assortment of “findings” (anyone know why that’s what they’re called? I’m genuinely curious) that might or might not be the right things to make the stitch markers and earrings and necklaces and matching earrings and necklace.

And then: pipe cleaners! And foam paper! And pom poms and googly eyes and mod podge and finger paint and dowel rods! (Okay, the dowel rods are never an impulse purchase. They always have a purpose but never work out right.)

And pretty soon…

Well, you’ve probably been there, too.

Piles of fabric, yarn overflowing its bins, three of these worth of beads and findings in one of said containers, one of those boxes of buttons, a stack of foam paper, the parts to make a clock, glitter glue, etc etc etc.

So I’m going to try something.  I haven’t been to a big box craft store yet this calendar year.  I am going to see how long I can go shopping only my apartment for materials to make pretty things out of.*  This does mean that I will have to hold off on a particular new craft that I would like to try (even though said craft might be really great for using up some of the teeny scraps of yarn I have lying around**).

And because I’m going to save so much money by not impulse purchasing all sorts of things that I don’t have room for–a contest.  In the comments, leave your guess of when I will break and make a craft-related purchase (other than the exceptions below).  One guess per person.  The closest without going over will win a gift card to the big box craft store of the winner’s choice.

*Exceptions: I anticipate needing to get new Mod Podge, as an upcoming project will use quite a bit of it, I think.  Also I have a candy project that I would like to try and will need little molds.  And finally, I don’t think it’s out of the question to expect that I might need new thread while sewing up bags and quilts from my fabric stash.

**Yes, I’m trying to justify another exception. But I’ll just have to be patient.

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6 Responses to Marketplace Mondays: Shopping my apartment

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  2. Tiruba says:

    I give you three more days. Tops. I bet you don’t make it past MLK day 🙂

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