Wednesday woolens: Commuting

Some thoughts about knitting while commuting:

1. Casting on while on the train is more difficult than knitting while on the train.

2. I don’t like winter because I can’t knit while walking.  Must learn how to knit while wearing fleece gloves.

3. I suspect there are entire train cars full of people who think that I intend to use my knitting needles as weapons.  I can’t help it if I have to push through rude crowds of people to get off the train and I just happen to be holding my knitting needles at the time.

4. Dear commuters: if the train is very crowded and someone gets up from a seat, sit your bottom down! Don’t block the empty seat while there are 97 people standing by the door.  But if you insist on standing, don’t be surprised if I scootch myself past you to sit.  I have my knitting to work on, you see.

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