Marketplace Mondays: Wrapping Paper

Thanks to Kara at Craftastical, I was reminded how much I love wrapping paper.  Kara used the wrapping paper to line drawers of a made-over bedside table.

Similarly, you can use wrapping paper to dress up the back panel of your bookcases.  (I wouldn’t have chosen the wrapping paper in this example, but to each his own.)

I used wrapping paper to break up the very boring off white walls in my apartment.*

You can sort of see in the bottom picture that I also used wrapping paper to “mat” the posters in the too-big frames I bought.  The two wrapping papers coordinate; both were purchased at Ikea.  The frames were, too. The day I was there, they didn’t have four frames in the correct size and I was Not. Going. Back. so I bought two of the larger ones and the wrapping paper.

And of course there are the many different projects using scrapbook paper that one could use wrapping paper for as well.  (Not every project, of course.  Just some.)  And then there’s the project that I’ve been meaning to work on but haven’t done and want to post about on its own so I’m not telling you what it is right now.  I will tell you, however, that this not-to-be-divulged project will involve getting my hands all covered in mod podge, so I’m pretty excited about it.

Wrapping paper is much more versatile than it is marketed to be.  What creative uses have you found for wrapping paper?

*I did this before I learned about the joys of fabric and cornstarch paste.  Next time I decorate my walls, I might do fabric instead.  We’ll see.

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