Sunday: oh dears

If you’re somewhat on the overly observant side of things, you may have noticed that my posts are generally published at 6 pm EST.  (Or occasionally 4 pm or 6 am.) Never whatever random time this is going to be finished.

But shock! and horror! Oh dear #1: I didn’t plan today’s post in advance.  I’m supposed to be talking about sewing.

Oh dear #2. To be honest, I haven’t done much in the last week.  Sewing, that is. I’m working on a baby quilt, rather than the twin size overly ambitious quilt, but that’s because 1. now that I’ve missed the Christmas deadline on the twin size quilt, I’ve missed the deadline.  I’m viewing it as a binary thing, rather than as a “better sooner rather than later, even though it’s already late” thing, and 2. I still have a hope of finishing the baby quilt before the baby is born. Not at the rate that I’m working on it, but at least the baby hasn’t been born yet.

A quick update on my self-imposed craft store moratorium.  One of my dearest friends believes that I will cave this long weekend.  I am determined that she be wrong.  And she will be.  But I have a problem. Oh dear #3: Today I visited a dear friend from college who just moved an hour away (from across the country) with his wife and two kids. I desperately wish to make for them a family tree.  However, I don’t have a canvas that is the right size!  Also, my birthday is next month and I want to make personalized key chains for friends who come to my party.  I’m not sure if buying the key ring counts against the moratorium.  What do you think?  Does it make a difference if I buy them at a hardware store as opposed to a craft store?

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2 Responses to Sunday: oh dears

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    I would say the key rings are a necessity. So that allows you to go anywhere to buy them. That is my final word and I am sticking to it!

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