Wednesday woolens: I dreamed a dream hat

One morning about two months ago I woke up having just dreamt of a hat.  Since the dream was specifically about a hat made of yarn in my stash I figured it was a sign.

Problem: I’ve never designed a hat pattern.

Problem 2: I’ve not made a substantial enough number of hats to have a good grasp on hat design.

Problem 3: The hat very clearly must have a seed stitch edging.

Now, what’s good about this hat is that it is made with thick yarn.  So when I knit the first incarnation three times, I was able to knit it all three times between leaving my house in DC and arriving at my sister’s house in Florida.  Yes, my flight was delayed an hour, but still it’s only a two hour flight.

But it turns out that what looks perfect on the needles does not look perfect on my head.  Incarnation number two was bound off and ends-woven-in last night and worn to work this morning even though it feels perfectly balmy at 40*F and the hat is WARM.  It is not, however, photographed.  Nor have I written the pattern down yet. I promise that both will come.

And I promise that not all of my knitting is with big box store acrylic.

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