noTHing Thursdays: Cleaning up

Apparently, I don’t have enough knitting books.

I mean, can anyone ever really have enough knitting books? Maybe not.  But I have a real and true logistical problem that can only be solved by more knitting books. Or empty binders, okay, okay.

I spent my day off on Monday “cleaning” my bedroom.  I put the word cleaning in quotation marks because the day started with dumping a whole corner’s worth of junk on my bed and then proceeded to include moving most of my craft things from the living room into my bedroom.

Then I took everything on a big set of shelves that I have

and moved it to the floor.  Including an old school TV and three piles of folders.

Right, “cleaning.”

The small shelf where my knitting books were didn’t work so well for them, so I moved them to a now-empty shelf on the big set of shelves.  They needed bookends.

And here is where I learned that I don’t have enough knitting books.

They didn’t fill the gap between the two bookends.

Into the space went a few empty binders, but feel free to clutter up my life with your cast-offs! Or your favorites, either way 🙂

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