Advice please?

Fellow knitters, I need your advice.

Tomorrow night I am going to a professional basketball game. In my life, I have been to one college basketball game. As in, I have been to NO games other than that one.

And I do not follow basketball at all, but I did see that the home team has lost their last 20 away games.

So here is my question: is it reasonable/acceptable/practical to bring knitting?


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4 Responses to Advice please?

  1. I was browsing craft blogs (first-time reader), and couldn’t help notice your question. I’ve knit in plenty of tight, busy spaces before (standing-room-only subways and buses included), and I find that with a sufficiently small project, it’s perfectly doable.

    I say do it! But maybe a project that isn’t your absolute favorite, or else be ready to stow it at a moment’s notice. I shudder to think of the potential jersey-clad superfan accidentally dropping his mustard-laden hotdog on your work as he squeezes past.

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks for the advice. I was definitely more worried about my coat than I was about my knitting. My poor super-fan friend, though, couldn’t believe that I knit through the game 🙂

  2. pdxknitterati says:

    I always do!

    • rebkatz says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I do think that I missed out on some of the good plays while knitting, but am not sure I would have recognized the good plays if they had hit me in the face. But I got to spend time with my friend AND work on my hat, so it was all good.

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