Food on Fridays: Waffles!

I love waffles.  But there are two problems with them.  1. You need to have milk in your refrigerator when you want to make them, and 2. You have to make a whole batch when you make them.

Well, there’s only one of me, at the most there is a second person when I have a foster child, and while having a foster child makes me more likely to have milk in my refrigerator, two people still isn’t enough to eat a whole batch of waffles.

Now, I should be clear that I would happily eat an entire batch of waffles on my own.  It’s just not a good idea.

To the two problems with waffles, add my desire to make waffle mix as gifts, and what you come up with is some creative problem solving.

My secret ingredients? Powdered milk and powdered eggs, via King Arthur Flour.

Powdered milk doesn’t go bad the way that regular milk does.  I wouldn’t want to drink it, but as a cooking ingredient it is great.  So that solves problem number one.

And you can’t divide a waffle recipe because you can’t so much divide an egg.  Powdered eggs solve that problem; all you need are smaller measuring spoons.

Even better? You can mix up a whole batch of dry ingredients and keep it for later.  Homemade waffle mix.

First I mixed all of the regular dry ingredients in my waffle recipe, then added the right amount of milk and egg to match the recipe.  I measured it all so that I could see how much mix there was in a whole batch.  With that measurement plus the amount of water needed to reconstitute the eggs and milk, you can make your directions for making partial batches.

Package the mix in something pretty, make labels or tags with directions, and voila you have an easy gift.

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One Response to Food on Fridays: Waffles!

  1. You are one smart cookie (waffle maker.) It takes a thinker to come to a solution and I am proud of you. When our family was larger, we usually had milk in the refrigerator, but powdered milk was a life saver when it came to pancakes and waffles. I too would make up a large dry mix and save it in tupper ware. No refrigeration or freezing needed. Now that it is just hubby and me, we need to do small batches and your reminders is just the thing.

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