Sewing! On Sundays!

Clearly I clicked on “publish” too soon on my last post. I took my baby quilt into my new sewing area, started sewing, and now have a question.

It turns out that my new sewing table is a little wobbly. (The table itself isn’t new. Its use as a sewing table is new.) The old table (which is exactly the same as the new table only a foot smaller and in use for other things) is sitting on a rug, which may have helped with any wobbliness in that table. I’m not sure. Anyway, sewing on a wobbly table? Not so much fun.

Do you think that I would be well-served by putting the table on a rug? By getting some sort of foamy-cushiony thing to go under the sewing machine (my mom had a pad of some sort under her machine when I was growing up)? I really would like your advice, please!

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2 Responses to Sewing! On Sundays!

  1. I would go for a shim, if you’ve got any scrap wood like paint stirrers around. Or, lacking that, a former roommate’s copy of “The Writer’s Handbook”. But I guess that’s only if one leg is slightly short.
    I feel like a rug might just make a wobble into a slower, mushier wobble. A wubble? But, if the wobble is just from the motion of the sewer, not any leg-length deficiency, it might absorb some of the shock.

    Also, good luck on the moratorium. I feel like every time I declare my stash big enough, I get an e-mail from some website that says “Hey, remember that yarn you love to use? It’s going for a few bucks a skein this week, but you have to buy a dozen.”

    • rebkatz says:

      Unfortunately it’s not a leg height issue; it’s more of a stripped screw so legs aren’t all as tight as they could be issue. (Love IKEA!)

      It was definitely tough being at the big box (I’m thinking of switching to bix bog, as that is what I keep typing) craft store and only allowing myself the items on my precise list, but I was successful! Okay, so I bought three different types of mod podge, but it was on my list so I’m claiming success.

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