Sewing? On Sundays?

Somehow I’ve developed a pattern. Sometime on Sunday I realize that 1. I haven’t prepared a blog post for the day, 2. I haven’t sewn in over a week, and 3. I’d rather blog about something else. And 4. that something else is my craft shopping moratorium.

I have quite a lengthy to-do list today (and I’m going to share it with you): I have a meeting for one of my religious communities; I have to go to the auto parts store because my dear Mattie, age 12 and a half, needs a new turn signal light bulb for the first time in her life; I have to go to Tar-jay for some pharmacy-type items; I have to go to the cell phone store to figure out why my Android operating system smart phone won’t open any google applications; I have to go to my LYS to deliver some birthday party invitations (and knit); and, well…

I’ve run out of Mod Podge. And now that I’ve bought $30 worth of maple syrup, I feel like I should get the candy molds and candy thermometer to use said maple syrup.

All of those are acceptable as the exceptions to my moratorium. But I still feel awkward having “big box craft store” on my to-do list. There’s been something freeing about knowing that it isn’t going to be on my to-do list, even though it’s really been not that much over a month.

And of course once it’s on my list, I have some other things I need? want? to buy. They are for gifts. Like, the waffle mix? I need something to package it in, and zip-lock bags just don’t seem reasonable to me.

So. I’m doing it. I’m going to the craft store, I’m buying the things that are excepted from my moratorium, and I am also buying

  1. jars for waffle mix
  2. a family-sized canvas for an entire family family tree
  3. key chains

Only one of you entered my contest; that one of you can decide if I owe you your prize now or later 🙂


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