Blurting it out

Many of you might read The Bloggess regularly. I’ve heard she’s sort of famous, like the Yarn Harlot or Crazy Aunt Purl but for the muggles.*

I have enough knitting and crafting and foster parenting and local news blogs to keep me occupied so I don’t regularly read her. But a friend directed me to her post today, about mental illness and talking about it, and even though I’ve already posted here twice today and the daily themes are supposed to be keeping me honest, I thought this was a good excuse to post a third time.

About my plans to spiff up my blog.

What, that doesn’t make sense to you?

Let me explain: this third post (and, well, the second post of today) are symptoms of my lack of filter. And my lack of filter, I think, is related directly to my mental state/mental health.

I have a couple different filters, and they break at different times. There’s the curse word filter that works very well at all times except when my depression is at its worst. There’s the don’t-admit-weakness filter that never breaks. Most inconveniently, it works overdrive when I’m in my therapist’s office. There’s the slowdownandtakeabreathandyoudon’tneedtosayallthewords filter that breaks when I’m super stressed.

And then there’s the “wait, think about whether everyone in the world really needs to hear this” filter that shuts off as soon as my medication seems to be working well. More posts = happily medicated. (Um, it is possible that this filter is actually the same as the¬†slowdownandtakeabreathandyoudon’tneedtosayallthewords filter. But that might actually be a bad thing, so we’re just going to ignore that possibility for the moment.)

So yes, my plans for spiffy-fying this here blog.

There’s the blog roll, of course, which I need to get back to. And I’ve commissioned Jill to design a logo for me, so my header will get a makeover. Then there are the pages, some of which are hold-overs from my old write whatever, whenever approach to blogging.

I noticed today when I was looking at some new-to-me blogs and trying to decide whether to keep up with them or not that if the blog’s style was a style that I liked, I was more likely to add it to my Google Reader. If the whole blog looked like an old-style quilt, I probably wasn’t going to. I like modern, clean lines, geometric patterns. (And little kid stuff like owls and butterflies, who knows why.)

Anyway. All this to say that things will hopefully start looking a little bit different a piece at a time. If you have any suggestions for me, I’ll gladly accept them.

*Muggles = non-knitters.

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