Marketplace Mondays: My favorite book

You know how when you ask a five year old what her favorite color is, her answer is very likely to be “pink and purple and yellow and green and blue and red”?

That’s the kind of “favorite” I mean when I say “my favorite book.” Ask me again in a week, and I might tell you something different.

And of course, I am only referring to knitting books.

My favorite book is Simple Style. It’s published by Interweave and I want to make everything in the book. EVERYTHING. (Well, not quite, but my mom wants the one thing in the book that I don’t really like.)

Now, this isn’t going to be a book review. I will leave that to the experts. No, this is just going to be me telling you why I want to make everything in the book.

I started with the Kokopelli Jacket. I had a single button that I wanted to find a use for, and this sweater fit the bill. I made a few changes because I also wanted this sweater to match a skirt I had made previously, so instead of rolled edges at the bottom and the cuffs, I did some reverse stockinette to match the bottom of the skirt. I’ve worn it a few times but never blocked it. I really need to do that…

As soon as I finished that, I started the Garter Lace Jacket. And then I started it again. And again. Nine times. I could not for the life of me get past the third row of the lace chart without a mistake. So I skipped the fronts, started a sleeve, and then realized I didn’t have enough yarn. I bought two skeins of a contrasting color and voila, no need for the lace. I’ve just finished the right front so all I have left is the left front. (And weaving in ends, and blocking, and sewing it together… Silly reality.)

Next up when I finish my green squooshy merino/silk loveliness (that would be the garter lace jacket) will be the Stay-Put Wrap. I love the idea of a wrap with sleeves. It will be my first project with cables and defies my personal ban on knitting things where ends need to be woven into seed stitch, but I am excited nonetheless.

Then what? The Four-Quarters Pullover? The Twisted-V Pullover? The Offset Raglan? The Kazumi Pullover? So many to choose from.

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