This interruption is brought to you by…

…the letter K.

I need to get this off my chest.

I’m a fairly good speller, with the exception of “broccoli” and “occasionally” (the latter I have finally learned has only one S, the former I STILL rely on the squiggly red line when I type it wrong), and I’m a fairly good typist, as well. Maybe not court reporter good, but reasonably quick and reasonable accurate.

Except when I’m typing my name* and, apparently, when I’m typing the word “travel.”

My big project at work currently boils down to a whole lot of data entry. It will get more exciting when I’m done with the data entry, but for now, I’ve been entering things in a spreadsheet since September.

One of the more common items that I need to type is “Official Travel.”

Now, Excel is pretty smart. So usually after I’ve typed “Official Travel” a bunch of times, it will start auto-filling the cells for me.

But I also have cells that say “Official Travel – Amended” and “Official Travel and Automobile Allowance” so every so often, after Excel has been so very helpful, it stops being helpful completely.

And then I find myself typing, over and over: Official Travek.


It’s my new word.

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