Tchotchke Tuesdays: Stitch Markers

Subtitle: Crap, it’s almost Tuesday and I haven’t prepared anything to post!

Sub-subtitle: Yes, I do pre-write my posts or you would never see anything here.

Sub-sub-subtitle: Crap, I pushed this post so many times that none of the timing makes any sense but I’m not going to edit it and you’ll just have to deal.

First, I need to apologize for the lack of photos in this post.  (And the lack of photos in Sunday’s post, and lack of photos in Monday’s post…)  I do intend to be better with the photos, if not with the photography, but my foster daughter is enamored with (enamored of?) self-portraits and my camera is, well, somewhere.  We will not use the “L” word.  Who knows, perhaps the camera, too, is in one of my many knitting bags.  Prob’ly not.

So. Stitch markers.  Stitch markers are one of the thing that really pushed me over the crafting edge, if by over the edge one means “reading skillions of blogs and buying beads by the bucketful.”  Really.  You go to a fiber festival and see pretty stitch markers and want to buy! all of them! now! but then you look again and really, it’s a jump ring, a head pin, and some beads.  How hard can it be?*

And you know what? It’s not hard.  Now, getting the head pin to wrap correctly around the jump ring to make a tiny, pretty circle? I haven’t mastered that yet.

I should be “giving credit where credit is due” but, as per usual, I have no idea which of many sites I perused in learning that I would need round-nose pliers and wire cutters and (who knows, I ultimately just bought a set of jewelry tools so that I wouldn’t need to know what exactly I would need).  Google is your friend.  Or my friend, at least.

*I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that the ultimate outcome of this blog is that I’ll never be able to sell anything I make because I’ll have told you all 1. that it’s less expensive to make and 2. how to make it. (And 3. that I’m not all that good at making the easy-to-make items that I tell you about.)

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2 Responses to Tchotchke Tuesdays: Stitch Markers

  1. Yes, it’s easy! I have tutorials on my site. But the easiest ones are made with flex cord and crimp beads (and whatever decorative beads you want). Try this:

    Have fun!

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