Foodie Fridays: Candy making

I recently bought my very own copy of Joy of Cooking. I was flipping through it, looking for something, when “Maple Cream Candy” caught my eye.

2 cups of maple syrup, heat it, cool it, beat it, cool it, eat.

And it’s my favorite thing in the world. (Besides strawberries, cheese, ice cream, lox…)

So I bought a jug of maple syrup and a candy thermometer and set out to make it and while the syrup was boiling away on the stove I thought to myself “I should be taking pictures of this so that I can put it on the blog” but I didn’t want to leave the kitchen to get my camera.

You’re not missing anything.

I currently have a pie plate of still-liquid maple syrup sitting on my stove.

I went wrong in two places: first, when the temperature plateaued at 230*, I think I was incorrect that my thermometer wasn’t calibrated correctly, and I should have let it continue to heat until it got to 233* as called for in the recipe. Second, when the recipe said to “beat” I think I didn’t beat it enough.

Maple syrup is expensive, but I will try again.

Anyone know if I can re-boil the used maple syrup, or if once it’s been heated once, it’s no good for candy making anymore?

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2 Responses to Foodie Fridays: Candy making

  1. Ages-ago chemistry class finally has an application in real life! Your mention of the word “plateau” reminded me of this:

    Look specifically at the 4th paragraph starting “a phase change”. I could be wrong, but I bet the reason the recipe asks for it to be at 233 is that it is just on the high side of one of those phase change plateaus. That would ensure that the sugars floating around in the syrup have finishd their chemical change.

    My advice: Just use that same syrup, and see if it begins to rise again after that plateau, and if that does the trick. I would hate to see maple syrup go to waste!

  2. Nancy Craig says:

    I often reheat honey that has “sugared” and it does fine. I would sure give reheating the same maple syrup a try. Good luck.

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