Happy birthday to me!

Not today.  But this month.  And not only is MY birthday this month, but the birthdays of two of my dearest friends are this month as well.

These two friends are particularly dear to me (even though they live in my computer which is really too far away even though my computer is on my lap) because we met through our connection to foster care.

So this month, in honor of all of our birthdays, I am encouraging donations to the OFA Red Scarf Fund*.  The Red Scarf Fund is an emergency fund for college students who have been in foster care.  You probably had to call your parents once or twice when you were in college for emergency funds, right? It’s basically a rite of passage. Well, if you’ve been in foster care, you may not have someone who you can call in an emergency. OFA’s Red Scarf Fund helps with that.

My goal is to “bundle” donations totaling at least $612 this month.  ($612 is 34–the age I will be on my birthday–times 18, which signifies “life” in Judaism.) To help me reach that total, you can do one of the following things:

  1. leave a comment on this post saying how much you intend to donate, and I’ll send you an email with an address and an email address for paypal
  2. donate directly (the paypal link is on the OFA page) and leave a comment telling me how much you donated (please be honest)
  3. if you sell any of your handiwork, donate a portion of your February proceeds
  4. have a bake sale**
  5. leave a comment on any post this month, and encourage your friends and readers to do the same.  I will donate $1 for every individual who comments on my blog during the month of February. This is only a half-hearted ploy to get more readers.

Thanks for helping me to celebrate my birthday in Red Scarf style!

*You may be familiar with the Red Scarf Project.  However, it is not the season for donations of scarves.

**Kidding.  Just kidding.

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3 Responses to Happy birthday to me!

  1. This is a wonderful idea! Congrats on turning a birthday, potentially the most selfish day of the year for some, into something meaningful and productive.

    Put me down as having donated $10 for the time being. There are gonna be 4 sales this month that I know of, maybe more, and I’ll definitely be donating a portion.

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