Things to make Thursdays: My sister’s partner’s Chanukah present

Yes, Chanukah was months ago.

Yes, I saw my sister and her partner during Chanukah.

Yes, I attempted to make a present for my sister’s partner before Chanukah.

No, I did not successfully give her a present during Chanukah.

The problem was my choice of materials. I wanted to make her a scrabble-tile type pendant. Instead of a scrabble tile, I used a glass tile of the sort that I used to make better-than-a-binder-clip shawl pins. And it was just too big.

Last week, I finally remembered to bring home from my office some of the glass not-quite-marbles that I bought for my (sadly deceased) fish Dougie. Don’t worry, I didn’t use all of the marbles. My sister’s partner is not getting a pendant from used-for-dead-fish marbles.

Then I found a meaningful word in my used dictionary (as in, I bought a second dictionary from a used book store so that I could tear pages out) and mod podged the marble to the dictionary page.

(I used “family” for the first attempt so had  to find a different word this time.)

Then I trimmed away the excess paper

and put another layer of mod podge on the back.

The next step involved realizing that the back looked terrible, so I mod podged it to a piece of coordinating origami paper, and did the whole thing again (trim the excess, cover with another layer of mod podge).

Finally, I took some crazy-strong glue (E-6000) and a pendant bail

and glued the bail to the marble, being very very careful to make sure that I put on so that the words are right side up.

Let it dry, and a simple gift for a loved addition to the family.

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