Sewing on Sunday: fabric cutting

That’s right. I still haven’t gotten my act together to do any of the sewing that I need and want to do. (Luckily, the sewing that I need to do and the sewing that I wan to do are the same.)

But I did at least get my act together enough to cut some fabric. I’m going to be making lunch bags to hold goodies for Purim. So far I’ve only cut fabric for three bags, but that’s okay.* More will come.

My steps for this project are going to be:

  1. Cut fabric. Two heavier fabric pieces for the outside and two quilting cotton pieces for the inside, and a 4 inch wide strip for a handle.
  2. Print labels with my logo. I have non-washable printer fabric; we’ll see what happens when I print on it and then attempt to set the ink with my iron. (The fabrics I’m using for the outer pieces of the bag aren’t necessarily washable either.)
  3. Figure out which step of the sewing is when I add the label.
  4. Sew the bags.
  5. Wait until Purim to fill them with a PB&J sandwich, drink box, spiced pretzels (inspired by the recipe here for honey mustard pretzels), and something sweet.

*My to-do list has a deadline of today for these, but Purim isn’t for another month and a half. So I do think I’ll be okay.

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