Tchotchke Tuesday: corkboard coasters

My dad went to Japan for a conference, oh, 20 years ago or so.  He brought me back origami paper.  I don’t do origami.

But I never got rid of the origami paper.


I bought corkboard squares as part of the decorating I was doing in my then-future foster child’s bedroom.  I covered them in fabric and then unsuccessfully hung them on the wall.  It turned out that not only was the adhesive they came with no strong enough to keep them on the wall, they also aren’t thick enough for push pins.  What good is that?

Then my now-past foster child tore the corners off of one of them.


Since I can’t go to the craft store, I put these two together to make coasters.

I measured coasters that I have already, and they are 4 inches by 4 inches.  My cork squares are just shy of 12 by 12, so I measured squares that are 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches.  Then I cut the squares using a craft knife.  You should note that craft knives like cork more than they do shrinky dink paper.

Slather mod podge on one side of the cork square, covering it entirely,

and then lay it down on the wrong side of a square of origami paper.

Make sure that there are no wrinkles in the paper. The paper I used is about 4 1/2 inches square, so I then trimmed the corners

and mod podged the sides. (This required holding the sides together, which allowed me to enjoy my favorite part of using glue: getting it on my fingers.)

After all of the sides are dry enough to stick without you holding them, flip it over and spread of coat of mod podge over the top and sides of the coaster.  You will want to set it on something so that it isn’t resting directly on your work surface.  You don’t want it to dry to your table.

While it dries, write a blog post about the process 😉

Then flip it over, coat the back with mod podge, making sure that the corners are coated as well, and let it dry.

Finally. back on the front/top of the coaster, put on a few more coats of mod podge. I bought some gloss mod podge and used that for the extra coats on the top, and it provided just a little bit more oomph to them. (Sorry, pics wouldn’t show anything worthwhile here, not at my photography skill level, at least!)

I could have sworn that I did take pictures of the final product, but if I did, they are saved somewhere on my computer that doesn’t make sense. But I think that this will be a product to be sold in my not-yet-existent etsy shop, so stay tuned for pics then.


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One Response to Tchotchke Tuesday: corkboard coasters

  1. Very nice! Mod podge is like duct tape; no workstation should be without it.
    Also: nice utilization of binder clips!

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