Wednesday Woolies: Continental knitting redux, and does this count?

I finished the hat I was knitting as continental practice (if by “finished” one means “done with the knitting part” and ignores the ends that need to be woven in) so started a new practice project.

Backstory: I knit two washrags way-back-when and like using them to wash my dishes…kind of. I realized a few days ago that the reason I find myself not using them is that they’re too big. I like sponges because they’re a very convenient size.

So I pulled out some cheap-o cotton (okay, I frogged a bib that I made that I just didn’t have enough yarn for), cast on 25 stitches, and started a just-bigger-than-a-sponge rectangle. Four rows of garter stitch at the beginning and end, 4 stitches of garter stitch on each side, and stockinette in the middle. It turns out that I’ve gotten fairly consistent with the knitting but purling in continental is a bit of an issue. My fingers are getting to be quite the contortionists. I think I need to watch a video.

In other news, one my LYSes (hi, Looped Yarn Works!) had a knit night during the Super Bowl with some fun sales, and you know what sales mean–diets are off. Right? I bought what had darn well better be the right quantity of Remix in a beautiful dark teal color (Verdant) to make a sweater. Does this count as breaking my craft supply purchasing moratorium?


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