Where I’ve been

I haven’t had much time at my computer lately. Have I mentioned that I have a 17 year old at home?

Yeah, so she likes to use the computer, and if I don’t let her use it, she goes to bed at 6:30. Which ought to at least give me time to make things, but somehow it doesn’t always work that way.

That’s one place I’ve been (as in, why I haven’t been blogging).

Also, I fell of the craft store wagon HARD today. Or I would have, had I not been as stressed as I was. My plans got held up almost 3 hours by the aforementioned 17 year old and then the craft store didn’t have scrapbook paper with pigs on it (for a present for the aforementioned 17 year old, who wants a piggy bank) and then I didn’t have as much time to wallow in the craftiness as I wanted due to the page-by-page reviewing of the scrapbook area.

Once I finally got home I made good progress on a few projects–posts to come.

Remember that my birthday is this week and I’d love for you to make a donation to the Red Scarf Fund!

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