Marketplace Monday: The bix bog fabric store

I was at the bix bog fabric store to buy many quarter yards of fabric to make a family tree (Mama, Papa, and the two girls–I had fabric for the girls already because they are too young to have favorite colors, thanks stereotypes, I have plenty of pink, but what’s up with yellow and green as favorite colors?)

Plus I needed some zippers. Because one day I WILL sew the gift bags that need to be sewn in the next month-ish.

The woman is cutting my fabric and I’m rummaging through the remnants. Dan.Ger.Ous. Beautiful purple fabric. Two pieces of it. The same ¬†beautiful purple fabric! Plus a cotton that I had seen on the bolt and thought to myself “I really like that.” And a yellow, which did you realize that yellow is the least common fabric color? Even less common than orange. (To be fair, I skipped the “nursery prints” section of the store, so there may have been more yellow there. Not so likely that there would have been orange.)

I put a lot of pieces of fabric in my cart, but still I was a little shocked when I looked down and saw that my total was $120! And this after only the cut pieces and 3 or 4 of the remnant pieces had been rung up.

We looked and found the problem: a missing decimal. No, I did NOT buy 25 yards of one of the fabrics. (Let me say, though, that one of the green fabrics really caught my eye and I might not mind draping my apartment in it.)

All in all, I spent less than $120. And I have lots of fun fabric to play with.

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