THings to make Thursdays: Birthday invitations

It’s my birthday today. And at the moment when this post is published**, I will be celebrating over sushi and alcohol, hopefully with friends.*

To get my friends to join me, I did something a little old-fashioned: I mailed them invitations.

I mentioned a few weeks ago using Picnik for graphic design. This is how I made the invitations.

*I’ve learned to have low expectations for my birthdays. The last real party I had–on my 30th birthday–no guests showed up until a full hour after the start time I had put on the invitation.

**I forgot to schedule this to publish. Friends did show up, I did eat a lot of sushi, I did learn that I react better to vodka than to rum. Lesson learned.

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5 Responses to THings to make Thursdays: Birthday invitations

  1. I was always a rum guy myself. Until I discovered scrumpy, that is. Anyway, happy birthday!!! I’m glad someone is still keeping mailed invitations alive in the age of facebook events.

    • rebkatz says:

      I did enjoy my rum-based drinks last night. Yum. Unfortunately (?) when I drink rum my head starts to feel wobbly after only about a sip and a half. I’d like to be able to turn my head without getting dizzy when I’m out with friends, you know? 🙂

      • Late response, but yes, scrumpy! I think it’s an English drink. Compare pasteurized apple juice to some fresh pressed fall apple cider, and that’s the difference between standard hard cider and scrumpy. Scrumpy being the better of the two, of course. Try it if you ever come across any!

  2. Nancy Craig says:

    So glad you had a happy birthday. Many more.

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