Marketplace Monday: Falling off the wagon

Yesterday I went to the bix bog craft store. How can one pass up a 25% off entire purchase coupon at a store having some pretty good (if not uncommon) deals?

I want to tell you what I bought. Keep in mind that I’m hiding out at a coffee shop instead of dealing with my foster daughter at home, so I don’t have my receipt with me to make sure I’m including everything.

  • Three 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. They were on sale for $3.99 each, so when I couldn’t decide which I liked best, I figured I’d just put them all in my cart. I still haven’t figured out why the craft store has the jigsaw puzzles that I like, as opposed to, say tar-jay. But what can you do.
  • Two strings of beads. ONLY two. I restrained myself. But I did think, while looking at the beads, that I didn’t have any green beads, and one set caught my eye. I know, I know, you want pics! But they’re at home, I’m at the coffee shop, and my camera is broken anyway.*
  • Five or seven necklace chains. I like to wear necklaces so they will come in handy eventually.
  • Three new bead storage boxes. I think I finally might have enough. And one of the new ones is still in its packaging. The problem isn’t really that I didn’t have enough storage. It’s that I have too much beading stuff for someone who doesn’t really count beading among her hobbies.
  • THREE 180-sheet pads of scrapbook paper. I don’t scrapbook. They were on super-duper sale plus my coupon, and I couldn’t decide which I liked best, so I got all three. I know I’ll find something to use them for.
  • A few (10-ish) individual sheets of scrapbook paper. See above.
  • Eight small, square base, cork stoppered bottles, and one small, round base, cork stoppered bottle. The plan (oh, plans, how you tease me) is to make these into a Chanukah menorah. The next step is to find candles that are the right size. Oops.
  • Four fun paper punches. One of them makes really cute hearts. Or it did. For two hearts. Now it doesn’t punch all the way through the paper. Any advice?
  • A set of paper crafting tools. The critical piece here is that it has an eyelet setting tool. Now I can use the eyelets I bought last time I was at the craft store.
  • Cork squares so that I can make more coasters. Anyone know if cork plus paper plus mod podge makes a safe, usable trivet?
  • A circle cutting tool. I did figure out how to get the piece open that holds the blades, so I got to practice using it a bit. Yay circles!

*No worries, I just ordered a new one.

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6 Responses to Marketplace Monday: Falling off the wagon

  1. SW24/7 says:

    Someday, when you don’t have a foster kid and I have time off, I am coming to visit. And we are going to craft. The entire time. The end.

    • rebkatz says:

      Sounds good to me. I’m still looking at 4 bedroom houses so you can live with me and be my nanny. The problem is the need to move out of the city which messes with my job. But then there will be lots of room for crafting.

  2. Tiruba says:

    Have you tried shellac or polyurethane? They give paper crafts a hard waterproof surface after a few coats.

  3. Nancy Craig says:

    I have heard that you can sharpen punches by punching thru alum foil. Can’t say if it works or not. And as SW24 commented (commentted–I don’t have spell check) an all day craft time would be fun. I can knit and talk with the best of them.

    • rebkatz says:

      I’ll give it a shot, though I do think the main problem is it got stuck somehow so it doesn’t go up or down (not sure which) all the way. Thanks for the suggestion.

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