Tchotchke Tuesdays: Keychains redux

[Happy birthday Dad!!]

If I knew how to modify the word “redux” to mean “a third time,” I would separate this into two different posts. But I don’t, so I won’t. Happy times for you, as you will learn about two different types of personalized keychains that I made.

The first are the shrinky dink keychains that I attempted a couple of times before. After the Just Something I Made post that reminded me of the original inspiration for the project, I tried again. I had bought an 1/8 inch hole punch so I printed out my image again on shrink paper, punched a hole in one of the notebook paper holes in the image, and shrunk it up.

I put a jump ring through the hole (note: if you want to do this, I recommend a 1/4 inch hole punch, as the shrunken 1/8 inch hole was just exactly the size of the jump ring) and then used a key chain split ring, for a cute finished product:

But before I figured out that the shrinky dinks would, in fact, work, I needed to make party favors for my birthday. I had already gotten my heart set on making keychains, though, so I raided my craft junk and came up with a new idea: collage keychains.

I started with a base of craft foam (oh good grief WHAT was I thinking when I bought that huge package of it?), cut into a 2×2 ish square. Now, I did this twice, once for me and then again a bunch of times for my friends. I like the one I made for myself better, but it was more work; that is what I’m going to give instructions for, but of course you should modify as you see fit.

Then I raided old magazines and cut out the letters in my name. I made sure to cut out an equal number of each letter. Once I had a good stack, I started just slathering on the mod podge and the letters until all of the foam was covered with letters.

Give it a few more coats of mod podge.

Then take a handy dandy 1/8 inch hole punch and punch a hole in a corner.

Take an 1/8 inch grommet/eyelet and your eyelet setting tool and sturdy-ify your hole.

Then use a jump ring and a key ring, and voila!

(Note that this one was made pre-ownership of hole punch and grommets and grommet setting tool so it is missing that piece.)

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