Wednesday Woolens: Progress!

Sunday was a good day at the yarn store. I started out by weaving in ends on three projects (don’t get too terribly excited, two of them were sponge-sized dishwashing cloths; the third was a hat) and then finished the last piece on the cardigan I’m knitting.

Of course I then ran into a roadblock: I had no intention of going home so early, but had nothing else to work on! Of course, I could have bought more yarn (yay!) but I already have two big projects worth of yarn to start, a big project in progress, some small projects I really want to do… (I know, cry me a river). So I took my extra yarn for the sweater–which does have more work to be done, blocking and seaming and finishing the neck line–and started a simple garter stitch scarf. Pics will come at some point. (Maybe. 🙂 )

Monday I went to a coffee shop and did work on various things. I took the scarf with me, but ended up not working on it. I’m working on figuring out a place to block the sweater (no comments from the peanut gallery on my lack of prior blocking experience despite the many things I’ve knit), and am looking forward to starting my next big project.

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