THings to make Thursdays: Piggy bank

I need to say this from the get-go: I am absolutely positive that I could have used better tools for this project. I just don’t know what those tools would be, and I certainly didn’t have them when I embarked on the project.

So it is what it is.

I asked some time ago for advice on what to do with a variety of paint-can-type containers (but can’t find the post to link to). You all gave me NO help (what good are you, anyway? 😉 ) but I came up with an idea all by myself: a piggy bank.

This was because my foster daughter wanted a piggy bank with difficult access. What is more difficult to open than a paint can?

Now, scissors cut the metal of the fake paint can easily (to make the hole to put money through), but the problem is getting to the point of being able to use scissors. I used a lot of patience and my not so good craft knife. The cut ended up very rough so then I had to go to all sorts of trouble to make the edges not dangerous. I would love to hear from any of you what tool I ought to have used.

I covered the outside in poorly trimmed scrapbook paper (I should have used wrapping paper, as the circumference of the can is larger than the 12 inches of the scrapbook paper), printed out some cute pig images and glued them on, stuck some spare change in it, and left it in my foster daughter’s room to find.


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2 Responses to THings to make Thursdays: Piggy bank

  1. “What is more difficult to open than a pain can?” I so, so strongly concur on this point. I’ve got a couple pairs of jeans ruined from paint can struggles. Why I didn’t keep the first ruined pair as “paint pants”, I don’t know.

    For cutting metal like that, I’d go for some cutting pliers. I think that’s what they’re called. Like single-hand bolt cutters. And then maybe smooth the resulting edge with steel wool.

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