Foodie Fridays: Marshmallow treats

Now I’m annoyed. I have this great way of keeping track of all of my crafting ideas and where I got them. I made marshmallow treats (read: rice krispies treats) for my birthday party last week, having gotten the specific idea (shaped with cookie cutters, iced with melted chocolate, on popsicle sticks) on a blog of ideas for Valentine’s Day.

So how did it not end up in the notes section of my to-do list item to make the treats?

So I am stuck unable to give credit where it was due.

Because credit is due. Never would I have thought to do anything so fancy as to shape my marshmallow treats using cookie cutters. And truly I would never had the idea to melt white chocolate chips, mix in food color (purple! yay!), and ice the treats.

A friend who ate the treat while we were at the restaurant (pregnant, only sushi and alcohol as far as the eye could see, who could blame her for digging in to dessert?) said that the white chocolate made all the difference.

An easy adaptation to an easy dessert to impress your friends.


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