Sewing on Sunday: little bags

Are you sitting? I don’t anyone to fall over from shock, you see. I actually pulled out the sewing machine and used it! I have plans to make a bunch of bags for little snacks for the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim, and I just finished the first one. It was really pretty easy (I followed this tutorial, adding a wrist strap on one side) and I really need to get them done, but I have a headache and feel lousy, so as easy as it should be to change the thread in my sewing machine and make more, I think I might take a nap instead.

(PS I did get my new camera and I even read the users guide. I’m pretty excited about playing with it…once my head recovers.)

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5 Responses to Sewing on Sunday: little bags

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    I think taking a nap is always a safe choice.

  2. YAY CAMERA! I love exploring all the new functions!

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