Monday Miscellany

My new boss started today. I feel a lot of anxiety about tomorrow, as I will need to demonstrate my oral communication skills (not very good) and ability to see the forest (not very good) during our first staff meeting with him.


My foster daughter called me to ask if I could pick her up from her brother’s house if it didn’t stop raining. She said she couldn’t find my umbrella when she left the house. It wasn’t my fault (we currently have only one umbrella in the house) as I usually have some trouble with “if it is raining, take an umbrella.” She was the last one to use the umbrella.


I did incredibly poorly in my Constitutional Law class in law school (in the interest of accepting no responsibility for this, I blame my need to miss 10 of 12 classes towards the beginning of the semester for Jewish holidays) but I remember enough about either the interstate commerce clause or the dormant commerce clause or something along those lines that yes, if New Hampshire wanted to pass a law restricting the use of cream in one’s coffee, there would be a Constitutional problem, albeit not a Bill of Rights problem. (Watching early episodes of West Wing.)


And now I’m off to cut fabric for more bags.

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