Tchotchke Tuesdays: Trash cans

In my apartment, there are three trash cans. One in the kitchen and one in each bathroom.

Consequently, there are little clippings of thread all over the floor where the sewing machine used to be, little scraps of fabric in the living room where I cut fabric last night, and the most annoying, the staples from zipper packaging on the floor in my bedroom.

I have been contemplating what in my apartment I could reuse to make a trash can. Recently I saw a tutorial for a basket that would work well. But that would take time, and the floor of my bedroom is rapidly becoming dangerous.

Enter my recent online shopping. I could break down the shipping box and take it down to my building’s basement. Or I could cut the flaps off, fancy-up the sides, and leave it exactly where it is under my craft desk. I think I’ll do the latter.

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