What would YOU do?!

I’ve fallen into the black hole of Etsy. I’m looking for THE fabric. The one that is exactly the right colors, has coordinating prints that I like, that I can use to make a quilt and curtains and who knows what else for my bedroom. (Because of course when I’m daydreaming about buying a house, I should hand make curtains for my not-at-all standard sized windows.)

I’ve actually found a few shops that seem to have what I might be looking for. (Dear Michael Miller: You might be my favorite fabric designer. Kisses.)

And of course I’ve found so many different fabrics that I adore but that aren’t what I’m looking for. (Really, not going to decorate my bedroom in either really cute frogs or in cars. I am a 34 year old woman, after all.)

But I’m rambling. I started to ask a question so I should get on with it. Right? Here goes: I found this. Hebrew letter fabric. I love letters. Anything with letters. I think it’s related to my family history of nerdiness.

I want it. I want it because it’s letters and I want it because it’s Hebrew and I want it because it’s on sale (cough) but it isn’t speaking to me saying “Becky! Make me into a bag!” or “Becky! I want to be a wall hanging!” or, truthfully, anything else.  Help?

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