Wednesday Woolens: my sad, sad sweater

I started my green cardigan before Thanksgiving. Enough before Thanksgiving that by then I had gotten nervous about my supply of yarn (Takhi Savoy, a squishy merino/silk blend that feels lovely on the fingers but gets pill-y and then the pills felt on themselves) and purchased a contrasting color for bands at the end of the sleeves and to replace the lace on the fronts.

I finished the knitting about a week and a half ago on that day when I got so much done.

Then I soaked the pieces to block them before sewing them together. And I learned an important lesson:

Yes, blocking your swatch is important.

I did knit a swatch. And I figured out my gauge and everything. But I didn’t account for the fabric going *POOF!* and growing before my eyes when it got wet.

My arms are not, in fact, thirty inches long.

My dear, sweet sweater that I loved so much and spent so much time on is now frogged. So long sweater, it was nice while it lasted.

(I’ve started the next project I intended to work on, and will let the pretty green yarn sit for a while. I’m not sure if I’ll make the same sweater again or use the yarn for a different project. We’ll see.)


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2 Responses to Wednesday Woolens: my sad, sad sweater

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    Oh my, I cried for you. Did you think to try any and all alternitives? To frog what sounds like such a beautiful sweater that took time and expertise to finish. Well, having been there and done that, you have my hearfelt sympathies.

  2. Oh no!!! I had a similar experience with my very first sweater; after blocking, it actually got many, many inches wider. I just shrunk the dang thing in the dryer on purpose until it was suitable for my little sister, and then gave it to her, so it wasn’t a total loss.

    I hope your next project fares a little better, and that the green yarn lives to redeem itself someday!

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