30 days of lists: playing catch up

Hi y’all! Just discovered the 30 days of lists project (only a few days late!) and since I’m always looking for something to keep my mind off what I’m supposed to be doing, I thought I’d share my lists here.

Day 1 was “a few things about yourself”

Day 2 was “things I’m good at”

and day 3 (today) is “I am looking forward to…”

Given my love of words-as-decoration, I think that I will make these into pretty lists that I can hang on my wall. But to begin with: a few things about yourself

And things I’m good at:

And finally, today’s list:

(I should have included on the things I’m good at: driving. And on the things I’m looking forward to: reading the books I have piled up waiting for me.)

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