Food on Fridays: breakfast

Passover is in one and a half months. Approximately. Yikes.

In my house I have the following:

  • an almost-full bag of barley that I purchased less than a month ago knowing full well that I almost never use barley so couldn’t I have chosen another grain to make mushroom barley soup?
  • one package of dinner rolls (unopened, for lunch tomorrow and following)
  • one package of flatbread (opened last night)
  • one pita
  • three boxes of Cheerios (an almost empty box of plain, an almost full box of honey-nut only without the box because my foster daughter cut it up one night when she was angry, and an almost full box of fruity because my foster daughter asked for Trix and no way was I buying that but I can pretend that fruity Cheerios are better for her than Trix even though they probably aren’t)
  • two boxes of girl scout cookies
  • two pie crusts
  • miscellaneous bread ends
  • and probably some other items that I have forgotten about

So today for breakfast I ate the ends of a bag of pretzels with salmon cream cheese. Gotta do something about all that bready goodness!


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