Sewing on Sundays: Done!

On Wednesday night I finally finished the easy sewing project that I just needed to apply myself to.

Sunday I cut my fabrics and discovered that the stack of zippers I’d bought because they were going to match my various fabrics did not match.

Sunday I also realized that it is, in fact, a problem that I never remember to buy matching thread when I buy fabric.

Monday I did some pinning and sewing.

Tuesday I did some pinning and sewing.

Wednesday I did some pinning and sewing and bag flipping and sewing and finishing.


My bags are done, but far from perfect. Setting aside the issue of the non-matching thread. Which was only a minor problem on all but the bags lined with pale pink fabric. Did you know if you don’t clip the ends of your black thread, you can see them through pale pink fabric? Um, yeah. Lesson learned.

On Wednesday night I also ordered about 8 yards of fabric with pretty much no plan of what to do with it. It’s two different designs, about 4 yards of each. Not coordinates. I can’t wait to have it in my hands and dream of what it will become.

Next up? Working on one of the two quilts that have been lying around gathering dust. (Literally. They’ll each need a very good washing.)

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