30 days of lists: blog goals

This is a good prompt for the 30 days of lists: blog goals. Much better than “words I dislike.” I mean, there are words that by themselves I don’t like, then there are words whose meanings I dislike, then there are weird words that I have an aversion to for no reason whatsoever. (I admit it. I hate the word “lesbian.” No problem with lesbians, or lesbianism, or anything like that, just the word. It rankles me for some reason.) And why couldn’t the prompt have been “words I like”? Like “lest” and the Hebrew word “rechush” (which means “stuff,” but the Hebrew is just fun) and “heipaxlegomenon” which I don’t know how to spell but if I remember correctly is the Greek word for words that appear in the Bible only once.

But today’s list is actually practical. And more practical than coming up with a list of goals for the weekend when the weekend was already half over. (As an aside, because I’m a little heavy-handed with the parenthetical asides, if you hadn’t already noticed, I did pretty well on the list of goals.)

1. Leave thinking about the blog to when I’m at home.

2. Be more serious about my content, even if not about my writing/writing style.

3. Use more semi-colons. (See goal #2. Take the reference as you will.)

4. Finish my blog roll.

5. Switch over to a new blog name; I don’t know why I didn’t just start out with RebKnitz. Frustrating.

6. Get better about networking with other bloggers.

7. Figure out better how crafting fits into my vision of my future.

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