Marketplace Monday: CSA for yarn!

There is probably a social media guru out there whose first rule of thumb is: don’t blog while under the influence.

Not sure if I mentioned following my birthday that I discovered that my body doesn’t handle rum very well. For some reason I ignored that lesson (oh yeah, because the mai tai was delicious) and had it on my date (!!) tonight. I therefore cannot type straight, though I seem to be doing okay at fixing my MANY typos. I still feel like I might fall over at any moment.

Anyway, this is all to say that my writing might be just a little different here than in other posts. I swear I had only one drink.  Nevertheless.

One of the blogs that I read is the Lantern Moon blog (yes, the folks with the adorable sheep measuring tapes), today I read about a Community Supported Yarn/Fiber program taking place this summer. (I also was inspired by one of the photos to embark on a new commuting project, though my idea doesn’t actually align with the actual project in the photo.)

I sent Lorajean a question about the yarn and she responded super-fast. Here’s the deal: $100 (plus shipping) for 5 packages of 100 gms of yarn each (not a bad price at. all.)–3 fingering weight, 1 worsted, 1 thick and thin. Four will be semi-solids (I’m a sucker for semi-solids) and 1 might be variegated.

I bought one share today for myself and am thinking about buying another for my mom for her birthday. (I’m bitter that my mom has taken my hobby, but I may as well embrace it, right?)

Enjoy your yarn!

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2 Responses to Marketplace Monday: CSA for yarn!

  1. I’m in, too. And that was even before I knew that it was mostly semi-solids, which are my favorite. Welcome to the club!

  2. Lorajean says:

    Yipeeee!! This is going to be great! I love the blog post by the way. I’m the same, can’t remember a night after one drink ; )

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