30 days of lists: my bag

Today’s 30 days of lists prompt is “what’s in your bag?”

Should I characterize this one as easy or as boring? Not sure. Either way, here goes:

  • shoes (for work, so I can walk wearing sneakers)
  • a reusable bottle of water
  • lunch (2 string cheeses, a banana chocolate chip muffin, an apple, and cheerios for snack)
  • knitting
  • my subway pass and work ID
  • a pen
  • my wallet (cash, credit cards, drivers license, health insurance card)

Exciting, no?

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3 Responses to 30 days of lists: my bag

  1. Nancy Craig says:

    What I think is that it characterizes you. You are thrifty, comfy, independent, see humor in things (don’t ask) and determined. Don’t change.

  2. rebkatz says:

    I left for work and realized that you might be wondering where “phone” and “house keys” are on my list. When I typed the list they were sitting on the sofa next to me. Just in case you were curious.

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