30 days of lists: my wishlist

Yesterday’s 30 days of lists prompts was boring–my favorite websites–so I didn’t do it. Today asked for my wishlist.

I started thinking about it as soon as I saw the prompt: a house with a yard and a sunroom, time to go on a roadtrip across the country (and *ahem* the money to pay for gas)…

That’s when I realized (when = thinking about the cost of gas) that maybe I should think outside myself. It didn’t take me long, then, to write this list:

Current crafting includes a long i-cord (commuter knitting, when I’m not walking three miles to work in the rain), a secret sewing project that WILL be done in time to gift it, and a sleeved wrap. Nothing with mod podge for the moment. Can’t have it all, I suppose!


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