Food on Fridays: cayenne oops

Dear lovelies,

I am not a bad cook. When I was in law school, I thought that if law didn’t work out, a reasonable back-up profession would be catering.

However, now that I’m busy, I’m lazy. If there weren’t a child in my home, I would eat spaghetti 5 nights out of 7. And maybe a 6th, too.

My teenager expects real food, though, and none of that vegetarian weirdness that I make for myself. Which led to a very small problem yesterday morning. In my refrigerator I had 2 chicken breasts. On my counter I had a clean crock pot. I had about 5 minutes to leave for work in order to be only a half hour late. And no idea how to cook the chicken. (I’m new to the crock pot, and the last thing I cooked in it ended up all over the counter and the floor.)

Sir Google seemed to have one recipe for chicken breasts in the crock pot: put chicken in, cover in cream of mushroom soup. There was more to it, but EVERY RECIPE had cream of mushroom soup. We’re not going to talk about cream of mushroom soup being disgusting. We’re not going to talk about the fact that I don’t have any cream of mushroom soup.

No, the problem is that I keep kosher. So no cream in my chicken.

Then followed work, interrupted by friends on facebook recommending all sorts of things that wouldn’t help (more crock pot recipes, though many of them–YUM! I’ll have to try–and some substituting cream of chicken soup for cream of mushroom, doesn’t help, thanks for playing) and one friend–HOORAY–saying I could borrow a pan so I could cook the chicken on the stove. (It’s a long story, why I don’t have suitable cookware.)

I cut my chicken off the bones, I cut it into smaller pieces, I heated some oil, I put the chicken in the pan, I sprinkled it with garlic powder, I dumped more onion powder on than I meant to, and then I put on cayenne pepper. Yum. But then I added some mushrooms and decided it needed more cayenne and before I knew it, my teenager and I were eating chicken and extinguishing the flames in our mouth.

So my word of advice to you is: be careful with the cayenne.



P.S. Today’s prompt in the 30 days of list project is “date night ideas.” I thought I might find it too disheartening, so I’m skipping it.

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One Response to Food on Fridays: cayenne oops

  1. Jodi says:

    I LOVE cayenne pepper, but you’re right that there can be too much of a good thing.

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